Website Audits

35 Point Website Audit

  • Emmatt’s 35-point website audit gives you a starting point for understanding where you can improve your website to get better results.
  • Our audit factors in appearance, usability, marketing, search engine readiness, security, compliance, and much more.
  • Get a written report with complete audit results and actionable recommendations for improvements.
  • Is your website working as well as you would like it to?
  • Do you have enough web leads?
  • Are you looking for a website upgrade but unsure of what improvements should be made to your site?

Determine if your website is working for you!


Our free web audit comes with a written report covers the basics:

  1. General web site impressions
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) site overview
  3. Search ranking of 3 key phrases
  4. User accessibility evaluation
  5. Browser compatibility
  6. Report lists 5 key points from above
  7. Recommendations to fix or re-design

We also offer more robust SEO analysis to ensure your website delivers, including our competitive analysis service — a search engine ranking comparison of your website and your competitors. Discover how you stack up to your competition and then stay ahead of them!

Contact us today to learn more about our website audit.

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