Change Your Password Now!

If you're one of those people who think it's cute or clever to use 'password' as your password, you may be shocked to know that we've just added another highly ranked page on the web that openly publishes your crucial piece of identification. Security firm SplashData...

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Is your ‘pretty’ website actually usable?

Of course, having a website that looks good can be important to bringing in potential leads and interest. However, what happens when the design of a site completely takes over its usability? Even though your website may look like one of the most beautiful sites on the...

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Is Flash Dead?

If you haven't heard yet, Flash is dead. Okay, I know, that claim is extremely premature, but that seems to be the hyperbole-filled sentiment that’s floating around the web these days. Adobe, the industry giant responsible for this ubiquitous multimedia technology...

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Authentic Passion = Success

Does my business need to be involved in social media? How much work is involved? How should I be using these websites? These are all common questions that are asked when discussing a new social media strategy. In this week’s post, you'll find out answers to these...

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Why Your Business Needs Branding

If you're like most people, you may still be getting used to the fancy 'new' Windows 7 operating system (which has just celebrated its second birthday, making it virtually middle-aged in computing terms). If that's the case, you may be shocked to learn that there's...

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Giving thanks for Steve Jobs’ contributions

There are many businesses out there who do not have branding, a tagline, or even a logo for their company. Some think they don't need a logo and that it is not an important thing to spend money on. What they don't realize is that a logo and strong branding throughout...

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