Emmatt is still open for business and we are continuing to support our clients remotely during our normal business hours.  
While our office is closed to the public, we are supporting all of our clients remotely from virtual meetings to support via email and phone.  
We are here to help in any way we can.  #StopTheSpread – Stay safe and be well!

Catering to Your Mobile Clients

With the continued expansion of the mobile browser market (Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry devices) it’s becoming more and more prudent for some websites – particularly content and graphically-rich sites – to offer an alternative, mobile-friendly...

Happy 10th Birthday Internet Explorer 6!

The original ‘darling’ of the internet, IE version 6.0 just turned 10 years old, which in computer years, puts it somewhere on the order of 300. This is a tremendous achievement in the breakneck-paced world of online access, but the fact that it still has many users –...