With the continued expansion of the mobile browser market (Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry devices) it’s becoming more and more prudent for some websites – particularly content and graphically-rich sites – to offer an alternative, mobile-friendly experience. If you’ve ever tried to successfully navigate a busy, full-sized webpage on a 4 inch screen you may have experienced some frustration in quickly getting to the information you need.

A website built using modern technology and usability standards can often be easily reconfigured to provide a good mobile experience, giving you quicker and more focused access to current and potential clients. Sites that most obviously benefit from this makeover are:

  • Sites with complex navigation structures
  • Sites that are frequently updated
  • Sites that rely heavily on text content
  • Sites with multi-column layouts that become very difficult to read and follow on smaller screens
  • Blogs and community sites where people are more likely to revisit or subscribe to using their mobile RSS reader

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