Why Your Business Needs Branding

There are many businesses out there who do not have branding, a tagline, or even a logo for their company. Some think they don’t need a logo and that it is not an important thing to spend money on. What they don’t realize is that a logo and strong branding throughout all your marketing materials make a HUGE impact on potential customers.

Just what is branding anyway?
Your logo is NOT your brand, but it is a small part of it. Your brand is actually the perception and emotional connection that the public has of your business. Two quick examples: Volvo’s brand is automotive safety with style; Pepsi’s brand is softdrinks for the young at heart. For a good, concise explanation please read Branding, Identity & Logo Design Explained by Jacob Cass.

Here’s why a consistent brand identity makes a huge impact on potential customers:

It defines you – A strong brand, accompanied by a memorable logo and tagline, defines your business. It helps customers determine whether to take your business seriously or not. Would you show up to an important business meeting in your pyjamas? (Maybe – if you were a PJ designer!)

It helps you to be remembered – Nothing helps a business be remembered better than a strong logo. What would happen if McDonalds didn’t use the golden-arched “M” on its signs or in it’s logo on all it’s packaging? Would you expect there to be a Big Mac inside? Or, what if Coca Cola used a plain font like Arial on their cans? Would you consider it to be a knock-off brand? A famous study done decades ago proved that people could identify corporate logos multiple times faster than identifying flowers. Try it for yourself the next time you are driving down a major retail streetscape!

It gives you credibility – When you see a website that has plain fonts with hardly any imagery and no logo, do you want to pull out your credit card and buy from them? Do they really look like a reliable, serious business? What does your site say about you?

It helps customers understand your business – Have you ever had a prospect ask ‘So what does your business do, anyway?‘ A logo and tagline can greatly help customers understand what you do, and help them perceive your business’ personality.  You can even convey a particular feeling in a logo, such as calm or happy or energized. These can also help provide an idea of who your target market is.

Whether you’re a small company or a huge corporation, proper branding can greatly affect your business and how clients and other companies may perceive your company. Make sure that you have strong branding for your business, and double-check that it is conveying the right message.

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