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Facebook Timeline for Pages

If you use Facebook personally you are likely aware of the Facebook Timeline for Profiles. What you may not be aware of is that Facebook is now planning a rollout of the Facebook timeline for Pages as well, which you … Continue reading

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Common mistakes to avoid when working on your website

Whether you control your entire site with a Content Management System (CMS) or are just updating an image or page, there are some common mistakes people unfamiliar with web coding make. Below I have listed a few key things to … Continue reading

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How to resize or crop a photo

Many clients who work with a Content Management System (CMS) often need to upload photos and other content to their website periodically as they update pages. However, many of our clients don’t know that if they upload a very large … Continue reading

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Is your ‘pretty’ website actually usable?

Of course, having a website that looks good can be important to bringing in potential leads and interest. However, what happens when the design of a site completely takes over its usability? Even though your website may look like one … Continue reading

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What social media platforms are right for your business?

Does my business need to be involved in social media? How much work is involved? How should I be using these websites? These are all common questions that are asked when discussing a new social media strategy. In this week’s … Continue reading

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