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Is your ‘pretty’ website actually usable?

Of course, having a website that looks good can be important to bringing in potential leads and interest. However, what happens when the design of a site completely takes over its usability? Even though your website may look like one … Continue reading

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How to Convert Website Traffic into Paying Customers

This blog article, How to Convert Website Traffic into Paying Customers was written by Jeff Bullas, Jeff Bullas is a successful coach, mentor and speaker who works with companies to optimize their online presence and brand with digital marketing … Continue reading

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Is Flash Dead?

If you haven’t heard yet, Flash is dead. Okay, I know, that claim is extremely premature, but that seems to be the hyperbole-filled sentiment that’s floating around the web these days. Adobe, the industry giant responsible for this ubiquitous multimedia … Continue reading

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What social media platforms are right for your business?

Does my business need to be involved in social media? How much work is involved? How should I be using these websites? These are all common questions that are asked when discussing a new social media strategy. In this week’s … Continue reading

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Authentic Passion = Success

Steve Jobs truly understood what it meant to ‘be himself’, for better, and at times for worse, and that what kept him going through the toughest of times was his passion for his personal vision. It was his passion that … Continue reading

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